Zlatan Ibrahimović falls through a door
TUMBLE: Zlatan (Image: YouTube/CrazyByFootball #)

VIDEO: Zlatan Ibrahimović falls through door while stretching

PSG star takes mildly embarrassing tumble prior to scoring twice in 2-0 win at Saint-Étienne.

Watch the moment PSG star Zlatan Ibrahimović falls through a door while stretching prior to kick-off in Sunday’s 2-0 win at Saint-Étienne.

Using the door as leverage for some calf stretches, Ibrahimović ended up taking a mildly embarrassing tumble when it gave way to his hulking presence.

It wasn’t much of a fall, granted, but you’ve got to latch onto whatever signs of fallibility you can with such a superhuman performer as Zlatan.

Sure enough, he scored both goals in the 2-0 win, keeping Paris Saint-Germain on course for another Ligue 1 title.