Young boy scores goal on pitch at Peñarol before kick-off in 2-2 with Racing
(Image: Twitter/Martin da Cruz)

VIDEO: Young boy scoring goal on pitch at Peñarol delays kick-off in game against Racing

Extra strike ahead of 2-2 draw in Uruguayan Primera División.

Este niño de Peñarol haciendo su gol en el CDS es todo lo que está bien pic.twitter.com/Dl3DqMnJms

— Nico (@NicoPalombo96) March 23, 2019

A child scored a goal on the pitch just before kick-off in Peñarol’s Uruguayan Primera División clash with Racing Club de Montevideo on Saturday.

The atypical pitch invader managed to get onto the grass at Peñarol’s Campeón del Siglo stadium, just moments before the start of the match.

The offender had the audacity to go for a follow up effort on goal, and was escorted off the pitch by security accordingly pic.twitter.com/ZpRBrO59Nn

— Martin da Cruz (@martindacruz_) March 24, 2019

With the ball at his feet, he slowly dribbled towards the home end and eventually landed a shot in the net.

After being congratulated by the hosts’ goalkeeper Kevin Dawson, the youngster then tried to do it again but was thwarted when he was picked up by stadium security.

Con dos años, cumplió el sueño de más de medio país. #Peñarol #Familia pic.twitter.com/utbi42fSoV

— Daniel Ríos (@Danny_rios) March 23, 2019