A fan on Soccer AM answers KFC when he was asked what Southampton's former stadium was called
(Image: Twitter/Michael Craythorne)

VIDEO: Fan on Soccer AM answers ‘KFC’ when asked where Southampton used to play

Was offered the chance to pass the question on Sky Sports programme.


Omg I am pissing myself #SoccerAM pic.twitter.com/78fpudbAca

— Michael Craythorne (@mickcraythorne) September 15, 2018

A man wearing a Wigan Athletic top on Soccer AM answered incorrectly when asked where Southampton played their home games before moving to St Mary’s.

One viewer burst into laughter as he watched the penalty game on the Saturday morning Sky Sports programme.

Facing a question on what the side’s former ground was called, the participant, said to be a drunk Liverpool fan, replied ‘KFC’ when he probably should have passed on the question.

Southampton played at The Dell for over 100 years before their move to a newly-constructed stadium in 2001.