Watching football with a virtual reality headset
(Image: YouTube/TechCrunch)

VIDEO: Watch football with a virtual reality headset

An incredible immersive 'VR stadium experience' from the future.

See how we might watch football with a virtual reality headset in the future as tech company LiveLike shows off its incredible immersive ‘VR stadium experience’.

With the help of a Premier League clash between Manchester City and Southampton, the presenters proudly display how the action looks on screen.

There are vibrant sights and sounds and you get your own box with a bird’s-eye view of the game.

Viewers are able to sit with their friends in the exclusive ‘virtual suite’, with detailed statistics and instant replays at your fingertips.

And there’s big screen streaming the television coverage, all to yourself.

TechCrunch say:

LiveLike introduces a VR stadium experience that doesn’t just bring you to the game: it lets you talk to your friends on a virtual couch, view stats together, and even shop.