Vitesse's Navarone Foor 'books' the referee for diving
(Image: Twitter/Fox Sports)

VIDEO: Vitesse player shows referee yellow card after tripping him

Dutch ref sees funny side during 5-0 win that relegates FC Twente.

😂 | Scheidsrechter Kamphuis gaat overdreven naar de grond.

"Daar staat maar één straf op."#vittwe https://t.co/U1cpn3IbH8 pic.twitter.com/ZuF6modKO8

— ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) April 29, 2018

Here’s Vitesse winger Navarone Foor showing the referee a yellow card after accidentally tripping him during a 5-0 win over FC Twente.

Presumably Foor was jokingly insinuating a dive on the part of Dutch ref Jochem Kamphuis, who seems to take it in good humour.

He certainly reacted better than Scottish referee Dougie Smith did when Paul Gascoigne ‘booked’ him during his Rangers days, a stunt which earned Gazza a real yellow card.

The 5-0 defeat consigned FC Twente to relegation, just eight years after they won the Eredivisie title under Steve McClaren.