VIDEO: Turkish fan caught with dozens of beer bottles in stadium

A smuggling attempt is thwarted as numerous bottles are discovered concealed about his person.

A Turkish fan was caught trying to smuggle dozens of beer bottles in the stadium for a match
NOT DRUNK BY FAN: Beer bottles (Image: Algy3289)

See the comic scene unfold as one fan is caught with dozens of beer bottles concealed about his person as he tries to smuggle them into the stadium for a match in Turkey.

Stopped shortly after going through the turnstiles, the haul uncovered by the security guards soon becomes clear as the incident is filmed by another supporter waiting to enter on the other side of the gates.

The larger lout is slowly undressed by the officials as more and more bottles are discovered within various pockets of his apparently carefully chosen clothing.

Watch the video in full below as a Turkish fan is caught trying to bring what looks like it could be a 24-pack of beer bottles into the game.

How many can you count?