Trabzonspor player shows red card to referee, before being sent off himself
(Image: YouTube/Görkem Gümüş)

VIDEO: Trabzonspor player shows red card to referee, is sent off

Salih Dursun becomes fourth Trabzonspor sent off that night.

A Trabzonspor player showed a red card to the referee after the official sent off his team-mate in the dying moments of their 2-1 defeat at Galatasaray.

The eventful Turkish Süper Lig clash saw a total of four players sent off by a busy Deniz Bitnel in the middle on Sunday night.

And that number included one Salih Dursun, whose cheek was punished with his own dismissal from the game and consequential suspension.

With the score at 1-1, Luis Pedro Cavanda became the third Trabzonspor player to be sent off yesterday evening after a penalty was awarded in favour of the hosts.

Unhappy with his decision, the Trabzonspor players surrounded the referee – jostling and berating him to the extent that his cards were bundled onto the floor.

Seizing the opportunity to make his feelings abundantly clear, Dursun picked up the red card, showed it to the referee and appeared to order an unamused Bitnel from the field.

The referee eventually gained the card back and sent Dursun off too.

The penalty was scored and the severely weakened away side finished the game with just seven men, limping to a loss at the Türk Telekom Arena.

Despite the defeat, Salih Dursun appears to have made Trabzonspor proud:

Türk futbolunun KARA gecesi pic.twitter.com/Iv6LoB0lU4

— Trabzonspor Kulübü (@Trabzonspor) February 21, 2016