VIDEO: Tony Pulis prank call by player imitating Neil Lennon

Northern Irish Limavady United midfielder fools the West Brom manager.

The Tony Pulis prank call saw a player imitating Bolton manager Neil Lennon
PRANKED: Pulis (Image: YouTube/Harry Mclaughlin)

Catch the Tony Pulis prank call where the West Brom manager was fooled into thinking he was speaking with Bolton coach Neil Lennon.

Northern Irish Limavady United midfielder Blain Morrison impersonated his fellow countryman and asked to take defender Gareth McAuley on loan after Pulis returned his call following a voicemail left by the prankster.

Morrison relayed the full story:

I was with the team on Saturday night outside our social club and someone came up with a number for Tony Pulis, I rang him and I couldn’t believe it when he called back.

I decided to pretend to be Neil Lennon because of the Northern Ireland accent and I asked about bringing Gareth McAuley on loan because he is a Northern Ireland player.

I thought the call would last a few seconds and didn’t expect it to last any longer.

I hope Tony Pulis is not offended and sees the funny side and takes it in the right spirit.

Although he hopes Pulis has taken the news that the conversation was a prank in good spirit, the 27-year-old striker is not sure he’ll be offered a full-time job in football:

I don’t think he is that desperate just yet.

But who does he want to prank next?

I would like to do Brendan Rodgers, but with the accent and him coming from Northern Ireland, it might be too hard.

Watch the Tony Pulis prank call, reportedly filmed in Limavady on Saturday night, in full below: