This man and Tartu in Estonia want your money for a new training centre
(Image: YouTube/ Sepa Jalgpallikeskus)

VIDEO: Tartu in Estonia want your money for a new training centre

Players want to avoid injuries on the icy ground in winter months.

A crowdfunding initiative is hoping to raise €150k to create a modern training complex on the site of an old stadium in Tartu, Estonia and this is their pitch for your money.

They say:

We want to fulfil the dreams of young footballers.

Our hometown Tartu has about 2000 footballers, most of them kids aged 6-19.

We have no proper pitches to train on during the cold winter months which you can imagine, are quite common in Estonia.

Hundreds of kids are playing on icy overcrowded pitches, which hinders their development and makes injuries a common occurrence.

We love football, but not our training conditions.

You can see Tartu in action at their current facilities:

The planned ‘Sepa Football Centre’ is set to feature a grass pitch as well as an artificial training surface with undersoil heating for use in the winter months.

Anyone can contribute and “get their very own square metre of the new pitch and write their name in Estonian football history” for as little as €10, with prizes to be won.

Every donor is invited to Estonia’s biggest public viewing of the EURO 2016 final.

Hopefully by then in our brand new stadium, where you can check out your own square metre by yourself.

See what these people have to say (in Estonian):