Andy Goldstein reacts to talkSPORT caller who wants a trophy for finishing second in the Premier League, behind Man City
(Image: Twitter/talkSPORT)

VIDEO: talkSPORT caller thinks Liverpool should get a trophy for finishing second in the Premier League

Couldn't come up with a name for it though.



A Liverpool fan called up talkSPORT radio station to demand that the team should be given a trophy, even if they finished second in the Premier League.

Jürgen Klopp’s side have long since been locked in a title race with Manchester City but now look set to come in second place with just one game left to play.

Liverpool fan just called up and said " If we come 2nd we should still get a trophy" Oh. My. days.

— Andy Goldstein MBE (@andygoldstein05) May 6, 2019

Despite this, they’ve racked up an enormous points total already and could end the season on 97 – a record amount for the runners-up in this competition.

The talkSPORT caller spoke to Darren Lewis and Andy Goldstein on the Sports Bar programme to declare that they should be given a cup for this feat.


He backed down from an earlier request that it be called a joint-winners trophy.

After insisting he was a genuine Liverpool supporter, ‘Cameron’ concluded that maybe it should remain nameless.