Streaker caught at Hertha Berlin
(Image: Twitter/Patrick Dupuis)

VIDEO: Streaker caught on running track at Hertha Berlin during win over Paderborn

Naked man chased across the pitch at the Olympic stadium.

Uh, so this just happened… #streaker #hahohe #bundesliga pic.twitter.com/VI5JNIwyo1

— Patrick Dupuis (@pdupuis) September 21, 2019

A streaker emerged from the stands and was chased by security during Hertha Berlin’s win against Paderborn in the German Bundesliga.

Hertha Berlin defeated visitors Paderborn 2-1 at the circular Olympiastadion Berlin on Saturday afternoon.

“C’mon dude, tell us what you really think of that disallowed goal!” Still 2:1! #hahohe #BSCSCP pic.twitter.com/eDZwgPLK8H

— Patrick Dupuis (@pdupuis) September 21, 2019

At one point in the game, a naked man was followed across the pitch by a series of stewards.

He was eventually apprehended on the running track surrounding the pitch as supporters cheered.