Body-painted streaker at Rosario Central vs River Plate
(Image: YouTube/Es Fútbol)

VIDEO: Streaker at Rosario Central vs River Plate

Topless personal trainer now hopes to appear on Dancing for a Dream on Argentinian TV.


A topless streaker interrupted Rosario Central’s Argentine Primera División clash with River Plate at Estadio Gigante de Arroyito on Friday.

The referee brought the game to a halt when a woman covered body paint in the colours of the country’s top clubs entered the field of play in the second-half.


Sheila Stanolli, said to be a 29-year-old personal trainer from the city also bore her name written across her stomach and wore flourescent orange football boots.

She is quoted as telling radio station Rosario Vivo that the stunt was to encourage peace between the genders but later admitted she would like a spot on a popular dance programme on national television.


The Instagram model pitch invader had a brief time on the pitch before security were able to react:

There were cops but they had their backs to the pitch and nobody saw me, I was going to keep running but the fat man threw himself on me.

My nephew loaned me the boots, they squeezed me a little bit.

The match was able to continue but no further goals would be scored and it finished 1-1.