Stoke fans falling down escalator at Tube station after 1-1 draw at West Ham
(Image: Twitter/@AwayDaysVideos)

VIDEO: Stoke fans falling down escalator at Tube station after West Ham clash

Apparently unfamiliar with London Underground etiquette.


Stoke fans getting themselves in a bit of pickle after West Ham last week. pic.twitter.com/Ilgv7aBBi8

— Away Days Videos (@AwayDaysVideos) November 14, 2016

Apparently unfamiliar with London transport etiquette, see two Stoke fans falling down an escalator at an Underground station as they begin their journey home following a 1-1 draw at the Olympic Stadium.

The pair, who appear drunk, are seen lying on their backs in the short clip, attempting to go downwards on an upwards-bound machine, possibly at the relatively nearby, recently-revamped Stratford station.

One starts to roll uncontrollably and has be assisted by a fellow, more level-headed passenger.

As well as one guy who discovered it’s one of his mates’ dad in the video, there were some amusing comments as Twitter users suggested the Stoke fans falling down the escalator could be some of their friends:

@m1975davies @AwayDaysVideos @AwayDays_ Yeah That's me…Drank So Much Beer..It Felt Like The Steps Were Moving :-)

— Stokietony (@Stokietony) November 14, 2016

@AwayDaysVideos We dont like moving stairs up here. #witchcraft

— Sam Hill (@SamofStoke) November 14, 2016