Southampton fan records himself at home singing song he made up about the club
(Image: Twitter/Georgewally)

VIDEO: Southampton fan records himself at home singing song about the club

Powerful home performance.


Just been sent this gem, state of it pic.twitter.com/afPEM8MuFg

— George wallis (@GeorgeWallisss) May 21, 2019

A Southampton fan’s video of himself singing a relatively-rude song about the Premier League side and rivals Portsmouth has been shared on social media.

A young man in a Southampton shirt holds his phone, facing him, above his head as he launches into the energetic lyrics.


The singer encourages fellow supporters to “break the lawy [sic]” and “if you’re fit, take off your dressy [sic]” before he approaches.

The fairly haphazard words, that cover many aspects of the club culture, fit a tune that seems to have been omitted from playing in the background of the recording.