Geoff Shreeves apologised after Alexandre Lacazette said "balls" live on Sky Sports
(Image: Twitter/James)

VIDEO: Sky Sports apologise after Alexandre Lacazette says “balls” in interview

Presenter Geoff Shreeves later found himself apologising for the same incident.


Geoff Shreeves acting as though Lacazette has presented him with a dead baby when in actual fact he’s just said the word “balls.” pic.twitter.com/tmbjeqBrZk

— Lyle (@afclyle) September 23, 2018

Sky Sports’ Geoff Shreeves apologised for the language used by Alexandre Lacazette after the Arsenal striker used the word “balls” during a live interview.

In an awkward moment following the side’s 2-0 win over Everton at the Emirates on Sunday, the presenter hurriedly moved to prevent any intervention from the regulator after hearing the comment.

However Shreeves later found himself saying sorry for being overzealous and not taking into account the word’s context.

Right let’s be clear. I didn’t hear clearly/understand what he said. @LacazetteAlex quite rightly looked blankly at me thinking “What is this fool on about?” In short, I b@llsed it up. https://t.co/HQgLcvN1fK

— Geoff Shreeves (@GeoffShreeves) September 23, 2018