Soccer Saturday reporter Johnny Phillips arrives onscreen late to report on Macclesfield v Colchester
(Image: Twitter/Soccer AM)

VIDEO: Soccer Saturday reporter arrives onscreen late during Macclesfield vs Colchester

Leaves Jeff Stelling hanging.


Soccer Saturday correspondent Johnny Phillips left presenter Jeff Stelling hanging when he arrived late onscreen to give an update on Macclesfield vs Colchester.

As well as covering Wolverhampton Wanderers for the Express & Star, Phillips earns his corn as a roving reporter for the much-loved Sky Sports programme.

But he was caught out during yesterday’s League Two match at Moss Rose when Stelling teed him up to provide a lowdown on the latest action in the game.

Just a quick silly Johnny Phillips edit @SoccerAM pic.twitter.com/bTdbkvMM8B

— Chloe (@englionesses) February 16, 2019

Despite the coverage cutting to the gantry at the stadium, there is no Phillips in the shot – until someone informs him he’s due back on.

We then see him running back into view and asking “was I on?”, to which Stelling jokes that they hadn’t noticed he wasn’t there.


Phillips provides a belated update before slinking off again with an expression that’s a mixture of amusement and embarrassment.

“Too busy going through those clothing rails at the charity shop,” quips Stelling.

The game itself ended 1-1 with goals apiece for Scott Wilson and Frank Nouble.