6-year-old Mario asked for Marcus Rashford to be his friend for his birthday
(Image: Twitter/BBC Radio Manchester)

VIDEO: One of two items on six-year-old’s birthday list includes “Marcus Rashford as my friend”

Wish comes true.



Young fan Mario had just two wishes for his 6th birthday: a dog, and for Man Utd forward Marcus Rashford to be his friend.

The boy’s mother shared a photo of the wish list on Twitter, lamenting the fact that she might have “one disappointed son”.


However, the tweet went on to receive a lot of attention and eventually came to the notice of Rashford, who replied wishing Mario a happy birthday “from his friend”.

Debbie Gray then filmed her son’s disbelieving reaction as she relayed him the good news, a clip that was picked up by BBC Manchester.

This is actually so sweet. Make sure you wish him a happy birthday for me. Tell him it’s from his friend ♥️

— Marcus Rashford MBE (@MarcusRashford) October 9, 2020