Reflective, novelty, football-shaped Russian World Cup water bottles are causing things to catch alight
The fire bottles (Image: YouTube/Fontanka Ru)

VIDEO: Russian World Cup water bottles are setting things on fire

The novelty football-shaped containers are very reflective.


Russian water company Holy Spring are selling football-shaped bottles that are so reflective they have been starting fires when the sun shines on them.

Ahead of the tournament in their country this summer, retailers are going World Cup crazy but this particular design seems to have been setting things alight.

After website Fontanka received a tip-off about the novelty bottles, they put what they had heard to the test.

Natalia Zaslavskaya from the water company reportedly did not disclose the exact number of “fire bottles” issued and confirmed that advice was to store the bottles “in a dry, darkened ventilated room”.

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