Former Wales midfielder Robbie Savage asks a question at Downing Street briefing
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VIDEO: Former Leicester player Robbie Savage asks question in Downing Street coronavirus briefing

Ex-Wales midfielder grills Chris Whitty.

New heights reached in the #DailyBriefing as Matt Hancock hands to Robbie Savage pic.twitter.com/O5hPj6Ksx8

— Ian Brannan (@ianbrannan) May 21, 2020

Former Wales midfielder Robbie Savage asked questions to chief medical officer Chris Whitty at Thursday’s Downing Street coronavirus briefing.

The pundit, who played for Leicester, Birmingham and Blackburn in his Premier League heyday, was a surprise inclusion among the roster of journalists.

Why can people have tennis and golf training sessions, but can't play football? asks Robbie Savage

"I understand why it's a problem, unfortunately these rules have to be in place," replies Health Secretary Matt Hancock

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He asked:

Why can junior tennis players, athletes and golfers receive coaching sessions but young people who play the working-class game of football are not allowed to?

Savage was even granted follow-up questions as Whitty explained that social distancing rules were key in this particular instance.

Now 45, Savage made 39 appearances for the Welsh national team during his playing days, scoring two goals.

– What was 2020 like, grandad?

– Well, we almost went to war with Iran in Jan. Then had a storm every weekend in Feb. Then we had a global pandemic. And then Robbie Savage came on live television to ask the Chief Medical Officer 3 questions about playing football in the park pic.twitter.com/QxPe0AJ4ow

— Horacio (@HoracioMelvin) May 21, 2020