The referee headbutts a player during South Africa v Angola
BUTT: Bondo (Image: Twitter/Joe Crann)

VIDEO: Referee headbutts player in South Africa vs Angola friendly

Angola defender Masuekama Natael crumples to turf in bizarre scene.

Meanwhile, in South Africa v Angola, the ref has just headbutted a player!! 😱😂 pic.twitter.com/qfhOLGgNZd

— Joe Crann (@YesWeCrann) March 28, 2017

Watch as the referee headbutts a player during a friendly between South Africa and Angola, at which the player crumples to the turf clutching his head.

The game finished 0-0 at the Buffalo City Stadium in East London on South Africa’s southeast coast, so it’s safe to say this incident was the highlight.

Botswana ref Joshua Bondo has earned the nickname “sprinter” due to his high on-pitch energy levels, so he’s no shrinking violet to start with.

Quite what he was doing shoving his head into that of Angola defender Masuekama Natael, though, is something we may never know.

Natael’s split-second decision to collapse to the turf clutching his face is also questionable, since the referee is never likely to send himself off.

As was observed on Twitter:

@YesWeCrann I don't think falling down holding your head works when the guy who fouled you is the ref, do you?

— DanaBlankenhorn (@danablankenhorn) March 28, 2017

Joe Crann, who uploaded the video, had this to say:

1. What is the ref actually doing?

2. Was it on purpose?

3. What does the player hope to achieve by diving? Ref send himself off?? 😂😂😂 https://t.co/9rbqn3VbMm

— Joe Crann (@YesWeCrann) March 28, 2017