Players kneel and pray at feet of goal scorer who looks like Jesus
(Image: chefaticalavitadabomber)

VIDEO: Teammates kneel at feet of goal scorer who looks like Jesus in amateur game

Let us pray.

A player who is said to look a lot like Jesus Christ had his teammates pray at his feet after netting in a recent amateur game in Italy.

Supporters chuckled as several members of the team knelt down in front of the goal scorer with long hair and a beard similar to depictions of the figure widely described as the most influential person in history.

Statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in St. Cuthbert's Chapel, Ushaw College, County Durham pic.twitter.com/wkUFtvNZ1p

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One did the sign of the cross while others motioned as if in prayer while the striker with a religious doppelgänger faced them with his arms aloft.

In the background of the shot you can also see the match referee attempting to escape the arguments of the opposition following the goal.