Titan Klin's Arshen Tsagolov is sent off for scoring an own goal in their 7-1 defeat at Metallist Korolev
(Image: Twitter/Non Sense Football)

VIDEO: Player sent off for scoring deliberate own goal in Russian amateur match

Blasts shot past goalkeeper teammate.



Titan Klin’s Arshen Tsagolov scored a dramatic own goal in the 90th minute of their 7-1 defeat at Metallist Korolev in a Russian Amateur Football League game on Saturday.

Picking up the ball deep into his own half at Stadion Metallist in Korolyov, the 21-year-old suddenly turns and runs towards his goalkeeper – facing little resistance from surprised teammates.

Tsagolov smashes the ball into the net and promptly receives a red card.

The player also reportedly conceded an ‘unnecessary’ penalty 13 minutes earlier.

Amidst rumours of betting involvement in the match, it is said that Tsagolov and three of “his friends” joined the Titan Klin squad just one month ago.