Player at indoor five-a-side match wears Masturbinho 69 shirt
(Image: Twitter/Sam's Army)

VIDEO: Player wears Masturbinho 69 shirt at indoor game

Craze spreads.


Where you hiding your girl when this guy walks in? @barstoolhrtland pic.twitter.com/vEJp69IW59

— Sam's Army Podcast (@samsarmy) July 21, 2018

One player at an indoor five-a-side game had “Masturbinho 69” on the back of his shirt, which looks to be the jersey of Serie A giants AC Milan.

A Masturbinho 69 Brazil shirt took the World Cup by storm in Russia last month, and it looks like the craze has spread.

It was originally spotted on the back of Pedro Murilo Macedo de Souza, a 20-year-old Brazilian living in Austria, who wore it to a World Cup warm-up game.

However, he admitted having copied it from someone he’d seen wearing it on the back of a Barcelona top.