Craiova mascots down champagne
(Image: Twitter/Emanuel Roşu)

VIDEO: Player feeds mascots champagne after Craiova’s Romanian Cup win

Heads removed for hearty swigs.

Heavy drinking mascots after Craiova's cup win! Hahahahahah! pic.twitter.com/7KT2fkc2cq

— Emanuel Roşu (@Emishor) May 28, 2018

One player was filmed feeding champagne to club mascots while celebrating Craiova’s first Romanian Cup win in 25 years.

A 2-0 aggregate win over second-tier side FC Hermannstadt landed the trophy for the Dolj County team, and the celebrations were enthusiastic to say the least.

To a backdrop of loud music, two mascots remove the heads of their costumes and swig champagne from a bottle offered up to them by a first team player.