Pitch invader slides into the Liverpool players after they won the Super Cup on penalties, injuring goalkeeper Adrián
(Image: YouTube/BT Sport)

VIDEO: Pitch invader slides into Liverpool players celebrating Super Cup win

Being blamed for injuring match-winning goalkeeper Adrián.


A pitch invader slid into Liverpool’s Adrián as the players celebrated beating Chelsea on penalties in the Super Cup final.

The two English sides couldn’t be separated at Vodafone Park in İstanbul on Wednesday night, until Tammy Abraham’s penalty was saved by the Spanish goalkeeper.

Did anyone see this slide tackle by some idiot after the shoot out… what the heck man!! #LFC #SuperCup pic.twitter.com/hJrGpiguMd

— Reaaz Ahmed* (@ReaazAhmed) August 16, 2019

One fan, attempting to join the celebrations on the pitch, slipped and crashed into the squad with stewards in hot pursuit.

And Adrián is now a doubt for this weekend’s match against Southampton.


At a press conference on Friday, Liverpool manager Jürgen Klopp said:

When we were all together a supporter jumped on us, he was chased by some security guys, slipped and kicked his ankle. Crazy. Yesterday it was swollen. Today I spoke to him. It is better so we have to see.

There was only Liverpool fans there pretty much so it probably was one. What can I say? There is no doubt about how much we love our fans but if they could all stop doing that because that’s the worst example I have heard about. It happened against City in the Community Shield when someone was running on the pitch and against Norwich someone ran on the pitch.

I like that we don’t have fences in stadiums but that means a lot of responsibility for supporters as well. If one supporter cannot hesitate or stop himself, then supporters around him should do it. It’s not funny. It’s crazy. How can something like this happen?

You see a man with his dick swinging around. Who wants to see that?

We have the Adrian incident which is serious for us, but if you ask anyone involved in football if you find it funny that someone runs on the pitch, pants down, half-naked, no one would say, “oh yes, that is really nice”, because you never know who it is there.

Before the season, at the Premier League meeting they told us do not get involved with anything like that, but we are all human beings and if they get close you do not know the person and for us it is not funny. It is still happening. It looks like it is happening a bit more often. I do not know exactly how much it has happened in the Premier League since I was here.

So is it funny?

— steven (@fieldsofynwa) August 16, 2019

His goalkeeper, though, is “very optimistic”:

It was a strange, weird situation because we were celebrating between us and one guy jumped from the crowd and started running. I think he slipped in front of us and also the security with him and made me a tackle from the side. But I feel much better.