Peñarol fan lends his goalkeeper's jersey to the team
(Image: Twitter/Daniel Edwards)

VIDEO: Uruguayan team bring wrong goalkeeper’s shirt to match, have to borrow fan’s

But they don't give him a replacement jersey to wear.


Uruguayan team Peñarol brought the wrong-coloured goalkeeper’s jersey to their match at Progreso and had to borrow one from a fan in the stands.

In this clip, a member of the club’s staff can be seen sizing up the supporter and getting the go-ahead to remove his shirt in order that their ‘keeper Kevin Dawson may wear it.

Bizarrely, they don’t appear to give the man a replacement shirt and he ends up zipping his jacket up over his bare torso.

Whether or not he got his goalkeeper’s jersey back at the end of the match is unclear, but at least he got to see his side run out 1-0 winners.