Paysandu supporter who threw salt over the players to reverse the team's bad luck is reprimanded
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VIDEO: Paysandu supporter throws salt over players’ shoulders in bid to reverse bad luck

Seeking to prevent relegation from Brasileirão Série B.


A fan of Brazilian side Paysandu threw salt over the players’ shoulders as they exited the pitch in an attempt to reverse the team’s bad luck.

With the side in the grip of a tight relegation battle at the bottom of Brasileirão Série B, the supporter threw what is reported to be coarse salt over the transparent barrier designed to shield the players.

The man then appeared to be angered when approached by security officials at the Estádio Leônidas Sodré de Castro stadium in Belém.

Common contemporary belief requires you to toss a pinch of spilt salt over your left shoulder, “into the face of the Devil who lurks there”.

However one Reddit user also contributes that coarse salt is used in Brazil to ward off and Evil Eye curse, which is said to cause misfortune or injury.