Goalkeeper John Ruddy involved in late-night argument in Norwich city centre
(Image: YouTube/EDP24)

VIDEO: Norwich goalkeeper John Ruddy involved in late-night argument

Eyewitness claims "he was hammered" and "being a bit rude".

Norwich City goalkeeper John Ruddy is seen in heated discussions with another man in this clip recorded in the city centre in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Although no physical contact between the two participants can be seen, a dazed unidentified man appears to be getting to his feet at the start of the video and eyewitnesses have reportedly claimed that the goalie “rowed with the man and floored him with an uppercut”.

The Sun also report a “a lifelong Canaries fan” eyewitness’ recap of events:

I think Ruddy was with his wife but I don’t know what the disagreement was about.

He was hammered, talking to people, being a bit rude.

He called the bloke over and after a few minutes said “he’s a bit of a d***head”.

I don’t think the guy took it too well.

Ruddy got into the taxi and was sitting next to the door still having a discussion with the guy and the next thing Ruddy has uppercutted him, sent him on the floor.

Ruddy then got out the cab, on top of him, thrown a few punches and then the guy got up, his face covered in blood.

He wasn’t holding back – he properly smacked him.

You just can’t behave like that.

He has been dropped from the team in the last few weeks and maybe he’s just not happy.

I didn’t expect to see that from a professional footballer from my club.

I expected better of him.

I thought he was a nice bloke but my opinion has completely changed.