Disruptive Chelsea fan gets shoved off a train just as the doors are about to close
(Image: Twitter/@Oldiron7)

VIDEO: Noisy Chelsea fan gets pushed off train just before doors close

Girlfriend aghast.


A disruptive Chelsea fan got his just deserts when he was pushed off an Underground train just as the doors were about to close.

The clearly inebriated supporter was chanting loudly in the faces of fellow passengers on the day his beloved Blues beat Reading 4-3 in a pre-season friendly.

She thought it was alright for the bloke to go around annoying people. Funny how it stopped being ‘ a larf’ when the joke was on him.

— Bowen4England (@Gav_6717) July 28, 2019

So uneasy did he make other commuters feel that a group of people chose to disembark from the carriage rather than endure his noise for a moment longer.

With the train doors about to close, he stands between them to serenade the platform – but this gifts someone the opportunity to shove him off just in time.

His girlfriend is left aghast as the train then pulls away from the station.