A mum tells off children after one punches the TV and breaks it when he concedes a late goal on FIFA
(Image: Twitter/Jack R)

VIDEO: Mum tells off kids when one punches TV and breaks it after conceding late goal on FIFA

Child helpfully explains what was happening in the match.



Two boys found themselves in big trouble with Mum when one of them punched the television they were playing FIFA on and broke it after conceding a late winner.

The Scottish children, at least one of which is wearing a Real Madrid shirt, were playing the console game in what could be a bedroom.

Joy can be heard when a goal goes in but, shortly afterwards, the loser gets up and calmly walks towards the TV before punching it.

The screen instantly breaks and becomes unusable.

Mum comes in an words are exchanged before one of the boys attempts to describe to her exactly what happened.

It turns out the score was level at 2-2 before the infuriating strike in what looked to be the 87th minute.