Peru fan tries to snatch Tim Cahill's shirt from kid
(Image: Twitter/@BergerLiz)

VIDEO: Mum stops Peru fan snatching Tim Cahill’s shirt from youngster

Grown man jostles for keepsake.


The power of Mum raising a finger to say No! Thankfully this Aussie fan got @Tim_Cahill Socceroos shirt at the end of the game #AUSPER pic.twitter.com/9WR3caiSI1

— Liz (@BergerLiz) June 26, 2018

A Peru fan tried to snatch Tim Cahill’s shirt from a young Australia supporter, only to be thwarted by the boy’s mother.

The former Everton star went over to hand his match jersey to the child when the man swooped in and attempted to wrestle it off him.

After stern glares apiece from mum and from Cahill, the Peru fan backs off and leaves them with the keepsake.

Australia finished bottom of Group C after losing the game, while Peru came third.