Talybont mum does Peter Crouch's robot celebration after kicking ball through window
(Image: Twitter/Garmon Nutting)

VIDEO: Talybont mum does Peter Crouch’s robot celebration after kicking ball through window

Dancing in the green fields of Wales following spectacular strike.



A mum was recorded celebrating by doing Peter Crouch’s robot after she managed to kick a ball through the open window of what is probably her house.

The pair are stood in a huge green space surrounding the home presumed to be in Talybont, Wales – where the man who shared the video describes himself as living.

With a short run up, the lady thwacks the football towards the skylight window on the roof of the building.

She screams as it sails straight through it and begins Peter Crouch’s famous robot celebration for the camera.


— Peter Crouch (@petercrouch) April 19, 2020