Marseille fan smashes his TV after Europa League final loss
(Image: YouTube/Mohamed Henni)

VIDEO: Marseille fan smashes TV and throws it in river after Europa League final defeat

Ignores friend urging him to stop.


One Marseille fan was so upset by his team’s Europa League final defeat to Atlético Madrid that he smashed his television and threw it in a river.

YouTuber Mohamed Henni clearly has a humorous bent to his post-match analyses, as evidenced by his ranting about the team being “rubbish in attack, rubbish defensively and rubbish sexually”.

But he can’t have been happy after seeing his side succumb to a 0-3 defeat on the night, with two goals from Antoine Griezmann and a late strike from Gabi.

After reducing his TV to ruin – and letting off steam to camera for a while, of course – he takes it outside and throws it in a river while we hear his friend urging him not to.