Napoli's Mário Rui trips referee during 1-0 win at Milan
(Image: Twitter/FootballJOE)

VIDEO: Mário Rui trips up referee during Milan vs Napoli

Sends him crashing to the turf.


Napoli defender Mário Rui tripped over referee Fabrizio Pasqua during his side’s 1-0 Serie A win at Milan on Sunday.

After Theo Hernández clattered Victor Osimhen over by the touchline, players from both teams raced over to the ensuing melee in a bad-tempered affair.

Two minutes of drama in Milan – Theo Hernandez brings down Osimhen and Napoli call for a red, the referee is tripped up by Mário Rui before checking VAR for a potential earlier foul in the Napoli box on Hernandez, and waves it away. In the end, Gattuso is yellow carded.

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Portuguese left-back Rui, who had come on as a substitute, clipped the ref’s heels accidentally and sent him crashing to the turf.

Fortunately Pasqua acknowledged that it was not intentional and he gave a wave of acknowledgement as Rui helped him back to his feet.

Hernández faces disciplinary action for posting an Instagram story after the game, since deleted, which was critical of Pasqua.