VIDEO: Mario Balotelli talks to TIME magazine

Mario Balotelli, interviewed by TIME magazine
Balotelli: Doesn’t go out (Image: YouTube/TimeMagazine)

In a fairly lengthy one-on-one interview, Manchester City’s Mario Balotelli speaks to TIME magazine.

He discusses the “WHY ALWAYS ME?” t-shirt, his three favourite goals and making his parents happy.

Mario also apparently isn’t bothered by the weather and the rain in Manchester because he doesn’t go out any more.

We also get to learn a little about the Italian international’s relationship with Mancini and how he wants to look back on his life and say that at one time he was the best in the world.

Balotelli also names his childhood heroes as Mike Tyson and Ronaldo (the Brazilian one, obviously) and his hero now as Usain Bolt.

TIME magazine say:

In a rare interview, the Manchester City and Italian soccer player discusses his goals on and off the field, racism in the sport and why he’d like to meet President Obama.

Watch the full interview below: