Mario Balotelli uploaded a clip of an air stewardess walking down the aisle of a plane on his Instagram
(Image: Twitter/The Sportsman)

VIDEO: Mario Balotelli distracted by air stewardess walking down plane aisle

Travelling with Nice for Ligue 1 clash at Nîmes.



Mario Balotelli’s Instagram story on Saturday featured an air stewardess walking down the aisle of the plane Nice were travelling on for their match at Nîmes, after she captured his attention halfway through.

The Italian striker appeared easily distracted as the team relaxed on the jet.

While filming a couple of his teammates, the airline employee soon became his focus with the player letting out a squeal.

He then uploaded the clip to his social media account.

Balotelli helped Nice to a 1-0 win in the weekend Ligue 1 clash at Stade des Costières.