Man Utd fans sing and dance to a song about their team in Punjabi
(Image: Twitter/@ItsJustJunaid)

VIDEO: Manchester United fans sing and dance to Punjabi song about club

Lyrics take swipe at Liverpool.



In this video, Manchester United fans sing and dance to a song about the club with Punjabi lyrics that take a swipe at Liverpool.

Performed by a group of men in Red Devils shirts, the lyrics translate as follows:

Whoever thinks Liverpool is great, they’ve been mistaken for over 27 years
Every year they say they will win the league and shout our time has finally arrived
Klopp is a flop in the league, Klopp has been a failure in the EPL
You have no chance of winning this year too, girl
You might follow Liverpool but I follow only Manchester United, girl
You say no one can compete with Mané, don’t worry, our guy Pogba is great too
I am a Manchester United fan, girl