Man does pre-match interview before downing pint of cider
(Image: Facebook/James Darlaston)

VIDEO: Man does pre-match interview before downing pint of cider

Strongbow Dark Fruits.

Challenge: Neck a pint & nominate. Let’s have some fun. You have to do this challenge within 24 hours or pay £30 to the…

Posted by James Darlaston on Saturday, 25 April 2020

One participant of an online challenge took it upon himself to create a post-match interview setup for his turn to drink a pint of Strongbow Dark Fruit Cider.

James Darlaston was partaking in the ‘neck a pint & nominate’ game which involves downing a drink within 24 hours of someone suggesting you do it or making a donation to NHS Charities Together.

The best phone call to receive… pic.twitter.com/dZoRZnA1Fd

— Strongbow Dark Fruit UK (@strongbowdf_uk) December 13, 2019

He chose to build an elaborate scene for his turn, appearing in front of sponsorship board while conducting a pre-match interview with questions asked from off camera.

Posing with some presumably unplugged headphones and an imitation microphone, Darlaston speaks at length about other people’s turns before moving on to his attempt and nominating others.