Raver dances with a football referee's yellow and red cards at Parklife Festival
(Image: Twitter/kt)

VIDEO: Man dances while waving yellow and red cards at Parklife Festival

Football referee's kit taken to Manchester.


When you’ve got fa cup final at 3 and a rave at 10 @Parklifefest pic.twitter.com/jQMvica67D

— kt✨ (@ktperry_) June 10, 2019

A festival goer was dancing with yellow and red cards at Parklife, taking place in Manchester at the weekend.

An estimated 80,000 people attended Parklife festival at Heaton Park over both Saturday and Sunday.

Part 2 pic.twitter.com/LSGUenFTCI

— kt✨ (@ktperry_) June 10, 2019

One of them was seen holding the referee cards, wearing all-black with sunglasses, moving about on top of some wood chippings covering the mud in front of a dance stage.

He was spotted waving the red and yellow about in front of him while bending over backwards as the music blared out from speakers in front of him.

So sorry to the girl I hit in the face #parklife pic.twitter.com/mZRI0MBGe0

— Amy Fletcher (@AmyFletcher00) June 8, 2019