Manchester City fans sang 'Villa, sign him up' at a pigeon on the pitch at the Etihad during their 4-0 win
(Image: BradBeattie)

VIDEO: Man City fans sing ‘Villa, sign him up’ at pigeon on pitch during 4-0 win

Bored supporters spot bird wondering near corner flag at the Etihad.

"Villa sign him up". pic.twitter.com/vEKpLKPEE9

— City Watch (@City_Watch) March 6, 2016

See some Manchester City fans sing at a pigeon on the pitch in a corner of the Etihad midway through their 4-0 win over hapless Aston Villa on Saturday.

The supporters directed several chants at the bird who was wondering, oblivious to its surroundings, near the corner flag.

The pigeon was insulted by the crowd before ‘Villa, sign him up’ was finally decided upon.

@Charlie13evans @City_Watch @Andy_Brock1998 playing Villa at home 4-0 gets you to another level of boredom

— HG (@Hughhhhg6) March 6, 2016