Lorenzo Insigne holds up the wrong shirt when paying tribute to injured Napoli teammate Arek Milik
(Image: Twitter/Rypke Bakker)

VIDEO: Lorenzo Insigne holds up wrong shirt in Napoli tribute to injured Arek Milik

Spare Piotr Zieliński jersey supplied to goalscorer instead.


You had one job. Wrong shirt😄. #Milik #Zielinski #napfey pic.twitter.com/eceGy0HXGj

— Rypke Bakker (@RypkeBakker) September 26, 2017

Napoli’s Lorenzo Insigne wanted to hold up close friend and injured teammate Arek Milik’s shirt after his goal in their 3-1 Champions League win over Feyenoord last night at the Stadio San Paolo, but was thwarted when handed someone else’s top.

Following a mix-up on the bench in Naples, a spare Piotr Zieliński jersey was supplied to Insigne, who noticed the error upon unfurling it for the cameras and forthwith demanded a replacement.

Eventually Milik’s number 99 was displayed.

Haha! pic.twitter.com/gLShTAICCn

— Mateusz Święcicki (@matiswiecicki) September 26, 2017