Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker performs disappearing act
(Image: Twitter/433)

VIDEO: Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker shows off disappearing act magic trick

It's easily worked out.



Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson Becker performed a disappearing act magic trick to camera and posted the clip to social media for his followers to enjoy.

With football on hold indefinitely during the global coronavirus pandemic, players are having to find ways to keep themselves entertained at home.

actually, when he lifts it up then he ran outside off camera.. simple trick

— Iqbal Mohammed (@noenam) April 9, 2020

Some have been getting creative and sharing the results online, including the Reds’ Brazilian ‘keeper, who was on course to become a Premier League title winner.

In truth, the ‘trick’ is really quite easy to work out and is not nearly as impressive as his on-field exploits for Jürgen Klopp’s runaway leaders.