Italian waiter tells Leeds fan his shirt translates as "I love Man United"
(Image: Twitter/Kyle Brookes)

VIDEO: Leeds fan in Italy told his T-shirt translates as “I love Man United”

Waiter delivers the bad news.


My Dad, a die hard Leeds fan, finding out he’s travelled to Italy in a t-shirt that translates to ‘I Love Man United’ Hahahaha #LUFC #MOT pic.twitter.com/sabdqlrNzU

— Kyle Brookes (@KyleIOWromans) June 23, 2018

A Leeds fan holidaying in Italy was not happy when a waiter informed him the slogan on his T-shirt translated as “I love Man United”.

Enjoying a beer outdoors, the man is aghast when he finds out what “io amo uomo unito” means in English.

He immediately removes the shirt and tosses it aside, replacing it with a Leeds jersey from his suitcase while his son laughs uproariously.