VIDEO: Lazy referee officiates Moroccan kids game

A lazy referee
Referee… Not interested (Image: YouTube/mourad tarik)

Meet the laziest referee in the world, spotted officiating a juniors game in Morocco.

As the children run around the pitch with a certain amount of glee that only being an under-10 (or whatever they are) can bring, the surly looking official is a portrait of inactivity.

The cameraman tries to keep up with the fast-paced action of the game, but occasionally pans back to the ref, who is inevitably ambling about with his hands in his pockets, presumably for comic effect.

Maybe he was dragged out of bed at the last minute or maybe the loneliness of a career in football officiating was getting to him… he’s unidentified so maybe we’ll never know.

Watch the lazy referee in action below:

Video spotted on 101GG