Las Vegas Lights goalkeeper Ricardo Ferriño dribbles into midfield
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VIDEO: Las Vegas Lights goalkeeper dribbles ball into midfield, gets tackled

Reminiscent of one-sided FIFA match.


Las Vegas Lights goalkeeper Ricardo Ferriño dribbled into midfield during a 4-1 win over Colorado Springs Switchbacks in the United Soccer League.

In scenes reminiscent of a one-sided FIFA match, Ferriño catches the ball before running to the edge of his box, rolling it out and charging well up the pitch.

It was a risky play with the score only at 2-0 after just 50 minutes, and indeed he gets tackled just beyond the halfway line.

Fortunately for the Mexican, a team-mate quickly retrieves the ball with a crunching tackle.

Football Manager legend Freddy Adu was among the scorers for the Lights, notching his first USL goal on his 29th birthday.