José Mourinho trips and falls on the way into Club Wembley for England vs Spain in the Nations League
(Image: Twitter/Tio Torren)

VIDEO: José Mourinho trips and falls on way into England vs Spain at Wembley

Disaster start to Nations League opener for Manchester United manager.


Estás bien @Llourinho? Pedimos el VAR? pic.twitter.com/UOhfmRTQAt

— Tio Torren (@Torren___) September 9, 2018

José Mourinho tripped and fell after attempting to navigate a rope barrier on his way into Club Wembley for England vs Spain in the UEFA Nations League.

The Manchester United manger was eager to make his way into the stadium on Thursday night and lost his footing in front of numerous fans.

Mourinho just fell over in front of me in Club Wembley! pic.twitter.com/2STeQ0JhXC

— BLUESFANSTV (@BLUESFANSTV) September 8, 2018

He misjudged his step and ended up bringing one of the metal posts down with him.

Mourinho smiled at the person filming him before being helped to his feet by a Wembley official with a jacket that read ‘HERE TO HELP’ on the back.

He watched from the stands as the game finished England 1-2 Spain.

Slightly more in depth and longer footage below: