Jordan Henderson tells a LFC TV crew member that his wife is having a baby after a message on his phone during filming
(Image: YouTube/Liverpool FC)

VIDEO: Jordan Henderson informs LFC TV crew member his wife is having a baby

"I think you need to go," he says.


Jordan Henderson informed an LFC TV crew member his wife was having a baby during a question and answer session for Liverpool’s YouTube channel.

In an item testing how well Henderson and his teammate Trent Alexander-Arnold know each other, a phone the Reds captain is holding suddenly buzzes.

The question of which teammate Henderson wouldn’t want to get stuck in a lift with is halted as he asks aloud who the phone belongs to.

He relays a message that appears to indicate the crew member’s wife’s waters have broken, adding, “I think you need to go.”

“She’ll be okay for 20 minutes,” comes the reply, eliciting laughter from the two players.