Jeremy Corbyn asks David Cameron if he'll now be supporting Leicester too at PMQs in Parliament
(Image: David Holt)

VIDEO: Jeremy Corbyn asks David Cameron if he’ll now be supporting Leicester too

Title banter reaches Parliament.

As Arsenal fan Jeremy Corbyn joined in with the congratulations of Leicester City on winning the Premier League title at Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament, the Labour party leader joked that he hoped David Cameron would not now be supporting them also.

Cameron mistakenly once announced that he supported West Ham when, in fact, we are told his favourite team is Aston Villa – and Corbyn was quick to seize on this during the session earlier today.

Following Cameron’s remarks, a seemingly prepared Corbyn retorted:

I join the Prime Minister in congratulating Leicester City on their amazing achievement.

I hope it’s not an indication he’s going to support another football team…

Or is he going to stick with the two he’s got already?