Injured player gets up after the final whistle in Górnik Zabrze vs Wisła Kraków
(Image: Twitter/Patryk Gibadło)

VIDEO: Injured player gets up and celebrates when final whistle is blown in Polish Ekstraklasa game

Bounces back to his feet as soon as it's full-time.


Górnik Zabrze defender Paweł Bochniewicz bounced back up from an apparently injured state as soon as the final whistle sounded on their 2-0 win over Wisła Kraków.

Bochniewicz writhed around on the turf seemingly in agony after contesting a header in Monday’s Polish Ekstraklasa match at the Ernest Pohl Stadium in Zabrze.

The 23-year-old, on loan from Italian club Udinese, looked to be in some distress – but as soon as he heard the full-time whistle, he returned to his feet with the aid of a team-mate’s hand.

Paweł Bochniewicz zabrał głos ws. „cudownego uzdrowienia” via @wmeritum https://t.co/4GS4qfw1DR

— Tweetman Andy (@Anakreontyk) February 13, 2019

It’s not unreasonable to assume that Bochniewicz was not half as injured as he was trying to make out, and was just running down the clock.

The incident caused some controversy in Poland, with the player himself feeling moved to address the matter on Twitter:

Kilka słów ode mnie na temat wczorajszej sytuacji. pic.twitter.com/R09LyRABOC

— Pawel Bochniewicz (@pbochniewicz5) February 12, 2019