Groom does Cristiano Ronaldo goal celebration while getting married
(Image: Twitter/Vines Foot)

VIDEO: Groom does Cristiano Ronaldo goal celebration at his wedding

Says yes in style of hero.



A groom performed Cristiano Ronaldo’s iconic goal celebration to get married, spinning around and shouting “oui” with his arms outstretched.

The French wedding took an unusual twist when the time came for the traditional declaration of consent, and it’s unclear from this clip if the bride knew it was coming.

J’annule le mariage

— Fanny Cuadrado (@CuadradoVII) September 21, 2020

A loud cheer erupts from his friends as the man imitates Portuguese star Ronaldo, currently at Juventus.

He has scored three goals in two appearances in the new Italian Serie A season, scoring 37 in 46 matches in all competitions during the 2019-20 campaign.